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Rev. Christopher Poshin David

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Greetings in Jesus name!

Welcome to my site! 

I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in India —Reformed (PCI-R). I currently head an urban church plant mission in Chennai. Here you can find some of my content.

Engaging Hinduism: Rethinking Christian Apologetics in India

Hinduism is now truly a global spiritual phenomenon, and no more merely the prevailing religious and philosophical worldview of India. Christians through the centuries have meaningfully tried to engage with Hinduism but with limited success. Hinduism continues to be the Indian Church s biggest challenge calling for an intellectually robust and comprehensive system of apologetics. To address this, the book introduces pre-suppositional apologetics, a Biblical and relatively untried model of apologetics in India. Scholarly and at the same time practical, the author demonstrates how presuppositional apologetics can be effectively employed in the Indian context by engaging with the neo-Hindu philosophical thought of Swami Vivekananda. Engaging Hinduism presents an apologetics system that is historical, Biblical and philosophically aware. It is a ground-breaking work in the field of Reformed epistemology in connection with Eastern thought and a stellar resource for theologians, pastors and believers to gain insight on how to winsomely and uncompromisingly engage Hinduism with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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